Please, some feedback on this track...

My latest submission got hard rejected, you can listen to the track here:

Could you please give me some feedback?? I would greatly appreciate any tips! Thank you!!

Hey Leo!

Personally I think yours is a really fine and smooth track, with a very nice and cozy feel, and I can think of lots of possible uses for it. If I had to guess a couple of possible reasons for a hard rejection, they would be as following:

  • Maybe the piano ostinatto could go in and out throughout the track, giving some air with whole note chords or subtle arrangements. Currently it goes literally from start to end with the almost exact same rythmic pattern and could result repetitive and ear-tiring for some.

  • The organ-like melody is great, but the instrument used sounds a bit raw or “cheap”. Maybe some tremolo, vibrato or auto-panning could help there. Some reverb perhaps?

Aside from that, I really really liked the track.

Wish you the best of luck in your upcoming upload! Cheers!

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“watermark” a lot of reverb.


@WormwoodMusic Thank you!! Thank you very much for your comments as well as for your kind words!! By the way, I just listened to some of your tracks, really nice music!! Well done!!

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