[GraphicRiver] Your uploaded item Simple Coporate Business Card rejected

I don’ t know why my print template for business card rejected and what reason. Please help me

Personally, I like them. I would even use them without any changes (well, maybe QR code needs to be bigger, but that is just my preference).

The only reason why they might reject them is if they find them similar to some existing cards. GR has so many business card templates, that it is very hard to get accepted.

Give me some suggestion, what will i do? it my personal design and 2 more similar this has also rejected. How can i improve it?

On thing I would like changed is to have bigger font for the business details phone, email and address, they are too small right now and hardly visible.

hi well indeed , tons of items are accepted daily with a bit the same style and colors and i guess that there are two different ways to consider the thing … either u feel like they have enough of it and feel kick this is unfair for you , or u can consider that this should be accepted then …

however if this is kind of a nice card , i trend to believe that the design being crossing the bottom information is not pretty much of a good idea indeed as this is making it way harsher for people to read them , so if u ever want to improve your item u can start with this :slight_smile:

I think the reviewer’s name is John :sweat_smile:

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hi they are small in all cards and the reason is that it looks better this way … and this i guess this is not a reason for a hard rejection according to me. The problem is that if u what u mentioned is legitimate this is also limiting creative options and bringing all guys to tend to greta more basic cards and the problem is that if they do , they will not be approved … in another words this is another of these vicious circles …

First share us what is your qualification?

Thanks all of your friends. I will try to change the design and content also font size.


I qualify my graphic designing course and got first division of my academy. (Yasirzia)

we all have very different stories , experiences and so on but no matter what we have , we all need to work hard to succeed a bit here , i guess that all u mentioned will help you unless think that this is enough and that u should maker it thanks to what u have … this is a very difficult place here , u see all kind of guys including big sellers and geniuses and making decent money is quite a challenge , so pls keep this in mind and i wish u the bets of luck, i hope that your next submissions will be successful and that u will learn a bit from what u could read in this thread :slight_smile:

you must be Masters or Bachelor in designing. ok

I am bachelor

And how does qualification have anything to do with this? @yasirzia It’s a matter of skills. Not qualification.

Anyway, I like this design. It’s not bad. I agree with resizing the QR code size.

I think you should rename your item as well. ‘Simple’ doesn’t sound fit for this design.

I personally like it. I think there is problem with envato team. Sometime they accept sometime not. :slight_smile:

Be cool please

Also proofread the description. There are lots of mistakes there.

can u describe? please

bachelor in which field?