GraphicRiver: Logos Upload Hard Rejected


Please help! All my logo template uploads are hard rejected and they didn’t give feedback/critiques. I need tips how to upload not to hard reject.


We can’t give you any tips unless you post some of the rejected logos here for us to see. :blush:


hi buddy Martin (Toivo) is right, we could provide you with some tips without u us anything but not sure that they are any help at all unless u show u the items that could not make it and that we identify what maybe the problem with your creations indeed


sorry i have forgotten o mention, but do not be surprised to have some works rejected also, there are always more and more authors and items, continuously , which basically leads envato to be selective, especially when it comes to the logo category welcoming so many new submissions daily …


Sorry guys, here’s the sample of my work.
Please help! :frowning: @n2n44 @ToivoMedia


hi buddy, i rather like your item indeed, i think this is harmonious, however , i am not sure that they are not expecting a bit more worked out style wise and font wise, i guess that some people would use the word “clipartish” inappropriately in my view, but what this basically means , maybe they are expecting for something more “refined” drawing wise so that the logo looks more outstanding and “valuable”. I also tend to think that it would be great if you could show something else so that we can identify that this is “your current style” that is the problem for them or what u’ve done individually with any single rejected submission …