Graphicriver item rejection

Hlo sir , please help about my items rejected every time . I upload psd files these are fully layer and having a proper layer name . Also i have giving documentation about my item but why uploaded item rejected every time help me…

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Your card is too generic. Anyone can do this in minutes.

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Basically, a week ago I started creating one package, a pretty “big” one, kind of. The package contains 83 elements, to build a “character” or a “monster”.

I am not a professional Illustrator user, but I don’t think I am THAT bad in order to be rejected.

Here’s the preview of the package:
If can’t be seen, please tell me and I’ll upload another link.

Everything is built into different .ai files (that mean the eyes are in two different .ai files, the body parts into one .ai file, and so on).
I don’t want to critique anyone, and I don’t want to start a discussion talking about how bad others are doing and so on, but I saw items on GraphicRiver that are even worst than mine, who’s been approved.
Is there a reason for the rejection? Is there something I did wrong? Basically, I am doing along with a project ERP software which is also not able to migrate properly.

As I said, the package contains multiple .ai files and .eps 10.0 files + one PDF with the instructions for the package.

Please, if anyone can give me an answer I would be grateful.

Thank you!

Your link doesn’t work