I've been rejected twice?

Hello guys, I have envato account for about a year, and maybe last 7 days I uploaded 2 items, first one was rejected in next 24 hours. I checked requirements on community and I saw that there is a lot stuff that I didn’t do. Yesterday I uploaded my second item on GraphicRiver, and like 10 minutes ago I’ve got an email that this item was rejected too. I created business card, with psd files, readme.txt, screenshot preview set, thumbnail and everything. Dimension were just as they are requesting. What did I do wrong?

On this link you can download all the files that I’ve uploaded on GraphicRiver: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z3crldqafux8nus/AAAT1DglSlot8AFfmr2Nz-Ofa?dl=0

EDIT: I forgot to mention that those 2 items are my very first that I uploaded. I hope someone will give me some kind of direction what should I do. Thanks.


So far everything has been followed requirement wise and good job for that.

In checking your designs there are only two reasons that I could think of.

  1. The design could be too simple and is not unique
  2. Try using “Shape” icons instead of rasterised one. I know you somehow converted the icons into smart object but it will still lose the quality once you resize it.

Hope these views are helpful.


Thank you for the answer. Can I find somewhere “Shape” icons for free, or I have to create them?