Got 5 Soft Rejected, Should i deleted item?

Dear friends,

I have submitted my item and got “soft rejected” :sob:. I have been made several “Improvements”, changes and re-submission the item up to 5 times, and still got “Soft Rejected”.

For the last re-submission, i saw “temporary held for further review” on my submission status ( :grinning:, and i think it have a chance to approved ), but i got same status “Soft Rejected” :sob: with this message for my latest re-submission, “Previous notes still apply and in addition to that: Here at Theme Forest we’re looking for unique designs, sorry to say this is not one of them because it looks too similar to what we already have on marketplace. We’re looking for major improvements, not adding featured or extending design elements.”

What should i do? is this item should re-design whole things (element), deleted the item and start new submission?

If, i just change some element, change typography…i think i will still got “Soft Rejected” since the reviewers have said, " We’re looking for major improvements, not adding featured or extending design elements."

And then what is soft rejected means? In my opinion, when an item got “Soft Rejected”, it means needs a couple of small changes before it can be accepted.

Please share with me your experience, and your advice.

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Demo Link ( latest re-submission ) :

just bump onto top list

One of the frustrating things about Envato review is that they are never “specific”. But I guess you can start by improving the basic things such as how the layouts are made be ause indeed, it looks “too famiar”

Thanks @wpcoding. Yes, it’s make me frustrating. I will thinking more harder to create unusual layout.
I am still lucky that my item got soft rejected, not hard rejected even it have been marked as “Not Unique” design by reviewer. :grinning:
It’s normal the item got soft rejected with “Not Unique” reason? I mean, when item got this situation (marked as “Not Unique”) design, it should be re-design whole of element, and is this same with hard rejected…? :worried:

I think your theme has a good start. Each element looks ok, but they work together not well.
You should improve typography also

Thanks @leafcolor. Please more advice about “they work together not well”, if you don’t mind…:blush:


Any advice else? please?

Some small “bug” fix - why in top menu buttons in dropdowns react on width - make

display:block for <a>

Hi! Your theme looks good, I think that it could be accepted if you could polish the design a little bit. I was hard rejected for two different items, so I know what frustration you must feel. Just don’t give up. Here is my advice on your design:,, hope it can help you a little bit

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Thanks for your advice.

Many thanks for your clear advice. Really help me.