The hardest soft reject ever



I’ve came a long way since my last asking for feedback thread 4 years ago Back then I was asking reviewers to not make me modify / ruin my item by forcing me to make it more mainstream. Fortunately I succeed, and so did the item on the marketplace (3971 sales so far).

As almost all my items sell better then neighbor items, I was hoping Envato owe me a little trust for my judgment. I uploaded new item and it was soft-rejected. Not big deal, except the suggestions for improvements were so general, they weren’t much help. For example:

…overall design quality and pay more attention to details

But as soft reject is defined:

Soft Rejected means that the item is almost ready to go up for sale on Envato Market, however the item still needs a couple of small changes before it can be accepted.

I’ve tried to find out what exactly reviewers expect. It took me a couple of months now (and dozens of changes). The last feedback doesn’t sound very softy:

The main issue still lies on the fundamentals of the design which looks dated, generic and unfinished.

At this point I think it would be better if it was hard-rejected in the firs place. Obviously we have different opinions on what my customers look for.

Anyway, I try to make the last effort to make it approved. And as reviewers doesn’t really provide any specific suggestions, and make me wait at least few days for every reply, I ask you guys for some help.

  1. Is it worth fighting for this item?
  2. What improvement suggestions do you have for me.

Demo site:


I completely understand you. I’m also building a theme - tho I didn’t submit it yet, I’m really concerned seeing “reject threads” authors make. Sad to hear you’ve wasted months on this pal.

Personally for me I think it’s a nice theme with many options to choose from; it’s not generic when a theme offers many customizations.

Tho I’m clueless on what to say to you - if to stay & fight or give up.


@kubasto they are right about theme looking dated, in my humble opinion. While the theme isn’t bad, it must be polished to get some sales, that’s why the reviewers aren’t allowing any theme to get in. Try to get some feedback either here on forums or on other specialized sites.

Just my two cents.



Rejection really hurts, I can understand.

IMO body background color #f2f2f2 is making it look like boring. Try making background white also footer and copyright need some padding top/bottom.

My 2 cents. Best luck :+1:


That’s correct, but that look and feel is intentional.
According to my experience, there is a market for that. Not everyone is looking for recent fashion kind of themes.
My goal was to make solid, features-rich, modern theme with a classic look.
But as I wrote before, it seems reviewers doesn’t share my opinion on that, so I ask for specific advises how to please them.


I think your right - I don’t think customers care about design trends. But it’s what the reviewers want for the market place. And it nice to see high quality modern themes so long as original is allowed.