[Soft Reject] Ways to improve my theme


Recently my theme got soft rejected by Envato. At least I think it’s a soft reject, because they mentioned something about required improvements before resubmitting.

They didn’t however provide any sort of clues as to what I should be working on exactly so I was wondering maybe you guys could help and point me to the right direction?

I built a theme for photo bloggers with full screen images.

Here’s the demo of my theme: http://ynef.net/my_beautiful_life/

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It is 1000 miles away from anything called a website leave alone TF. Please learn web design basics from tutsplus. All the best.


I see… :confused:

Sorry but this is funny :smiley: Read tutorials about the basic web design guidlines (padding, grids, etc.) and use a minimalist color style.

Sorry, but I’m not getting it. Can you point out where the padding is off?

@ynef it is not a soft reject in any way.

That’s probably the hardest kind of reject you could get here, the “reject in under one second after seeing it” kind, not soft-reject. Either spend a few months learning basic web design or just focus on coding instead and partner with someone for design, right now you’re pretty much close to 0 at design, with all due respect, don’t take it personally, but I see you kind of overestimate your design skills