Soft reject again , with new reasons

Hey Guys,

I just had one of my latest WordPress themes soft-rejected again with new reasons and here is the demo:


The reviwer responds with this comment :

Unfortunately your submission PULSE - Academic / Personal Vcard Wordpress theme isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

What I would like to suggest now is to improve the following:

  1. Overall styling.
  1. Typography.
  1. Forms and buttons.
  1. Better sidebar visibility, organization and contrast.
  1. Setup some type of priorities as well.

Good luck!

Please feel free to submit your feedbacks and comments.


any feedback ?

Theoretically, you got everything that you need.

However, overall styling is hard to explain. You need to improve the remaining points. After that, it will automatically improve the overall appearance.

I think you should work on the organization of your theme. Sometimes it’s hard to see if something is a button or not. The example is on the “Works” section. “Projects number” is too similar to the button on the left.

Maybe you could widen your main content a little bit? After that, you should make the font sizes bigger. And this should improve the readability.

I hope this will help you.

Hi webdoone , thanks for your valuable reply.
but what you think they means by this : “Setup some type of priorities as well.” , i can’t understand.
Best regards :slightly_smiling:

I know I won’t help but with that kind of soft reject I just delete theme … I like it, I do not understand reviewer.

The problem these days is that many reviewers review the theme not same reviewer , that means each time you have different reasons :confused:

And every reviewer has his own taste … In few years it will be easier to win in lottery :wink:

Sure. No problem :slight_smile:

In my opinion, it means that you should make one section visible at a time. So it will be wider but more readable and clear. And of course, the content should fit the screen. I hope that you know what I’m talking about :wink:

envato must standardise the review process , especially the design

i don’t think they means that , because this idea will break the design in the larger screens . especially this reviewer have a big screen (i think 24)

It looks great to me!

I like I can click on pages on the right side and they come in center of attention. Nice effect didn’t see it anywhere else.

thank’s for your great comment. :slightly_smiling:
what you think about Typography , and what you think reviewer mean by “Setup some type of priorities as well.” ??

I know they should but You know … everyone is a human and got their own opinions … its impossible to be 100% objective … like You said, one do not like this and second do not like something else …


I take a little look at creative version and there is my advice - change font used on menu, or at least don’t use bold attribute on it. Also I don’t see a purpose in that “recent activity” widget. And as of buttons, maybe it would be nice to use some type of css animation on them, at least hover effect.


yes that’s true , what i want to say is it’s better that the review process is done with just one reviewer for each theme

thanks ModernLab for your valuable advice :slightly_smiling:

until now I thought that it is obvious :slight_smile:

thank’s for your great comment. :slightly_smiling:
what you think about Typography , and what you think reviewer mean by “Setup some type of priorities as well.” ??

thanks friends for all your feedbacks , it was very helpful for me :slightly_smiling:

thanks for your great comment :slightly_smiling: