got 2 rejects and looking for reasons !!!

hey there,
I got 2 rejects and I would like to find out why they got rejected.
one on my VA-Productions account and one on my mike-sense account.
please check out an reply:

enter link description here

enter link description here

thank you
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it sounds pretty cool. but reviewer give some rejection as below:

And here are the comments from the review team for each track:

Number 1:

Unfortunately, this submission doesn’t meet AudioJungle’s commercial quality guidelines overall, and can’t be accepted.

Audio must be fully composed, arranged, mixed and/or mastered to a 

commercial standard, and have reasonable potential utility to our
commercial buyers, for their varied projects. Ideal audio submissions
should demonstrate the ability to support multiple visual works in
general. A higher degree of general commercial viability would therefore
be required.

Number 2:

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production 

(samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial
composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

Number 3:

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production 

(samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial
composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

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Personally I hate this “instrument” from 00:10

what ? are you saying mate ?

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so you hate it, hmmm ok,… it’s a guitar with some effects


My theme also 4 time rejected.

well it just didn’t meet the requirements because of the style probably, thanks to all of you


Can you tell me what is minimum requirement.

oooh that’s bad, but what can you do when it’s not ready for audio jungle in their opinion, but I will sell it elsewhere, whatever they reject :grinning:

I have no idea

these are further 4 tracks rejected:


In my opinion, your music was rejected due that every item is monotonous, there is no dynamism, no progression (sad - fun, quiet - loud, calm - excited).

you’re right when you say it’s kina monotonous because it’s hiphop and these are beats not produced specially for audio jungle but for rappers, and when it comes to hiphop, the focus is based on the rap not on the instrumental, and even if you’re right concerning the other points, it’s still not the reason for these rejections, because there are many many tracks on aj sound very monotonous and repetitive, are you a producer ?

You’re absolutely right, man.
I understand that you have this style of music.
You have a very good music of a specific style.
But, apparently, it is not clear for Envato reviewers.
I also recently was submit nice low-poly 3D-model, but got Hard Reject.
Apparently, Envato reviewers not always professionals.

hi , sorry i ma not an expert in music indeed, but here’s how i feel; the first track looks ok but is a bit repetitive in my view. For same goes a bit for the following one which is probably even better but which is way too long according to me and which doesn’t offer rhythm variations enough for the concerned length

not always, some rejections seem to be very haphazard, but opinions split and like I said, I will sell it anyway :wink:

The music is good and I honestly like your style, but I guess the production is not up to par with 2016 commercial requirements. The overall sound is too dry, especially in the bass and drum section, samples/synths/string libraries sound too outdated and monotonous(triggering the same sample of a ride cymbal at the same velocity during the whole track gets boring). Add more instruments to the arrangement, play with reverb and delay, fill it with some mushy ambient piano chords of synth pads, use ghost drum notes, add more drum fills and breaks, add some lo-fi noise to it. I love the “chorus” section in “funky beat” and it sounds great because there’s quite a number of instruments playing and filling different frequency ranges, brass, two guitars, drums, bass, but it could still have some more content).

You don’t need much getting these ideas to approval. For starters, I’d suggest picking up a nice acoustic drum library. I know Addictive Drums has a ton of drum kits and organic lo-fi oldschool presets that would work great with hip-hop tracks.

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thank you very much for the detailed reply ! I appreciate that

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Yes, it’s a bummer. My track was rejected yesterday. It hurts.Kinda :smile: Im recording another one as we speak. So far, first hard rejection. Hang in there. I’m new here but i’ve learned that AJ can be very moody from time to time. It’s all good.

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Yep, I recommend updating your kits (check out The Producer’s Choice or Splice for some insane material) and lending your mix/production a more ‘present,’ real sound. Think organic. I suspect that updating your libraries will help a ton. Feel free to reach out privately for positive critique/thoughts if you’d like. My original hiphop production has been on MTV and other networks. Good luck, and DON’T GIVE UP or take ‘hate’ or bold comments as negative. It’s that criticism that will by far be your best friend in the end.

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