Google Analytics conversion tracking is here!

Hi authors,

I’m pleased to announce that we have improved how you can track your conversions from the traffic you send to your item and checkout pages using paid campaigns.

Paid advertising campaigns are a great way to drive traffic and increase sales. That’s why we’ve added new custom parameters to help you understand where your sales are coming from and track the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Check out the tutorial for using the new custom parameters and start tracking conversion today.

Google Analytics features are available to Exclusive & Elite authors. You can also see the Google Analytics FAQs for more information.

Note: Envato PPC rules still apply

Thank you.


Hi Jimmy, thank you!
I would personally not invest in advertising unless the Envato elements banner is removed from the authors’ landing page.

Indeed but most of the traffic would likely generate sales for elements instead.


Hi @Jimmy_J, thanks.

An article about other useful GA features in context of Markets/EE would be useful.


A great way to drive traffic to the Elements banner, which steals both sales and affiliate commissions.

Are authors not exploited enough to your liking? You now want to encourage them to pay for advertising a platform they are not a part of? Are you serious?!


So now Envato want’s us to pay for them to get more visitors?

Jesus, the cheek.


@PurpleFog, @ScoreStudio - Where do you guys come up with these ideas? Envato doesn’t want you to pay for anything and doesn’t force you to do paid marketing campaigns. You marketing strategy, if any, is your own.

However conversion tracking is absolutely essential to those that use Google Ads, which are the standard for web advertising and have been for a long time. It’s impossible to track a proper marketing campaign and fine tune your results without understanding the full track from acquisition to conversion.

Without it, you pretty much shoot in the blind. So any marketing campaign authors did on Google Ads until now lacked the most important aspect. Did the user convert (purchase) or not?

This is just a great tool for those who run and use Google Ads.


Thanks @Jimmy_J about the new feature and all people who responsible for it. It will be a great help to me. Advertising & Marketing is an essential element with any business in any market, specially in such massive market like Envato. Envato is offering any artisit or developer the place and payout methods as core parts in any deal. So, Envato doesn’t take our money as an obligation for advertisments but it offers more handy tools to help more professionals in the industry and everyone is free with her / his way of managing the business.

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@emile_b, @Jimmy_J, I have to ask a question that I’m sure others will have. Does tracking work with Impact Links? :thinking:

That’s all cool, but just one request, one.
Stop advertising Elements on our profile pages and our item pages.
You have to see how it’s created an atmosphere of mistrust?

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You do know that I’m a just a Community Moderator, right? I have nothing to do with Envato’s internal development plans and decisions… meanwhile, let’s keep discussions on topic. Some authors here are really interested in this new feature.

Please give me some help to complete the Google anlytics account creation and saving in Envato setting. Thanks

oooh, I receive an email about the new tools, so I was happy, thinking that maybe I could use them, but I understand that you need an “E” (Exclusive, or Elite) :slight_smile:

This is really a great news. Now it will be more easy to tract the GA conversation.

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Except that this is not working, unfortunately. Sales are not reported, meanwhile, the visits are all being reported to analytics.

Has anyone tested this? We are asking because conversion tracking is not working for us.

@Jimmy_J any news?


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Yes, it does!


Hey @Laborator I’ll follow up with you in our other thread so we can see where it’s not worked for you. We’ve been testing with a bunch of other authors and it is working as expected.



This is awesome new, the bad part is that it’s only for Exclusive & Elite authors :frowning:

This feature is still not working for us. We followed every step of this tutorial.

Has anyone tested conversion tracking? It recognizes visits but not conversions (or it recognizes only a very very small number of sales). We have tested this on the item pages and checkout page, with and without Impact Radius links.

See video: Screen Capture on 2021-11-17 at 13-46-46.mp4 - Droplr

I can’t find google analytics in the Author Tools in AJ

Hi @MoosBeat get access to Google Analytics, author to have to be an exclusive or elite member