How do you track conversions from a landing page to a purchase on Envato?


I’m currently researching Google Ads and I’m actually considering to create a campaign for a plugin that I’m about to launch soon. However I can’t figure out a way how to track conversions, like when a visitor of the product landing page clicks the “buy” button, which takes him to CodeCanyon and then he makes the purchase.

If there is anyone who is running Google Ads, how do you track conversions?


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I think that’s helpful :smile: :

I hope to be valid and Envato or Google has not made changes in the meantime.

Yes, that looks like what I’m looking for. But I can’t find the Analytics anywhere in Envato. Will read more about it though, thanks for the link!

Analytics is available just for Elite Author .
Update: Aaaa sorry you are elite . :grinning:

Here are informations, how to set this :

Other topic about this subject:

It would be nice to tell us after campaign if you helped by Google Adwords. And if you had positive results. And if there are things that are not specified in the above thread.

I proposed your problem to "How to … " competition :

I decided to simplify things a bit and skip the landing page. Apparently, Envato is openly supporting this:

How to Setup Your Google Analytics profile

We highly suggest turning eCommerce settings on. This will enable eCommerce tracking
in your profile and allow you to see sales associated with your items. Your ‘sales revenue’
in Google Analytics will refer to your earnings after Envato’s commission.

So I followed these instructions to create a property in Analytics and link it to my CodeCanyon account. From what I understand I now should be seeing my sales in the Analytics dashboard. I can see that the visitor tracking is working, but I’m not seeing anything in Real-Time -> Conversions. I will have to wait until tomorrow to see if anything shows up in Conversions -> Ecommerce -> Overview. I also don’t know if I should setup Goals or not.

Then I went and created an AdWords account and a couple of campaigns. I linked the AdWords to my Analytics account. Then, from the AdWords dashboard I went to Tools -> Conversions -> Google Analytics and imported my goal from Analytics. And right now there is one Conversion Action, which says:

My ads are still pending approval, so I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if it’s working.

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@nickys Thank you for sharing with us.

So at 11AM (???) Australian time the first sales started showing up in Google Analytics in Conversions -> Ecommerce -> Overview. Still waiting for my ads to get approved and to see if conversions will show in AdWords.

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Good luck with sales @nickys !

Some updates for future reference.

My sales show up in Analytics as Ecommerce transactions and I can also go to Aquisition -> AdWords -> Campaigns to view my clicks AND conversions from those campaigns. There are still a couple of problems:

  1. Conversions still don’t show up in my AdWords dashboard
  2. REAL-TIME Conversions don’t show up in Analytics

I found this in a 2 year old topic, a reply from Envato Team:

  1. If you want to see how many sales you’re driving and how much revenue you’re earning from AdWords overall, you can head over to ‘Conversions’ ‘Multi Channel Funnels’ ‘Top Conversion Paths’ then search for ‘Paid’. This will show you a) all sales and revenue that came directly from AdWords but also b) all sales that came indirectly from AdWords. For example, it would show you how many people clicked on your ad, then came back a week later to buy (which often happens)
  1. If you want to see how individual ads, ad groups, keywords, and targeting techniques are performing inside AdWords, you can go to ‘Acquisition’ ‘AdWords’ and then pull up ‘Secondary Dimensions’ such as ‘keyword’ ‘landing page’ or ‘Ad Content’

You won’t get conversion data inside your AdWords account with either of these techniques, but you’ll still get data on how AdWords is performing, so its not as ideal as getting conversion data and conversion values in AdWords but pretty close I think.

You should still be able to connect your AdWords and Analytics accounts to retrieve conversion data inside AdWords, I just haven’t done that personally. I’ve found in the past though when connecting accounts that it often takes 24 hours for data to come through.

I guess I will have to wait for at least a day to see if conversions will eventually show up in AdWords.

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If things do not improve in the coming days, my advice is to send an email at . Thanks for your informed us!

So I can confirm that everything works as it should, if the ad is directing the users to Envato.

Once I have a landing page set up, I will try to make it work to send my users there, and then track conversions when they purchase from CodeCanyon. When I achieve that, I will write a step by step guide.

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Hi @nickys and happy holidays,
Increased sales using Google AdWords ?
Can you say a report (money invested in advertising / sales generated) ? Example : About … how many sales generated with $100 daily ?
Thank you very much !

@nickys Are you able to track conversion from a landing page we sent to? If so, how to setup that? would be great if you can explain.

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is there any one actually achieving this ?

how it could be possible to track from a different domain landing page to envato linking conversions ?

did you make some progress on this ?

I wasn’t able to track conversions from AdWords last time I tried either.

However I could setup utm* campaign links in adwords and track campaign clicks / conversions within Analytics. Not perfect but let me roughly gauge ad conversions.

Sorry for taking to long to respond, but I’ve been dealing with an advertising agency. Let’s just say that I wasted a couple of months with them :slightly_smiling:

I managed to set up this tracking:

Ad Click -> Landing Page -> CodeCanyon

The conversion data displays in Analytics, AND goes back to AdWords as well.
I’m currently writing 3 blog posts on this topic, I will post them here as soon as they are ready.

Also, special thanks to @dtbaker for his javascript snippet from a couple of years ago, which gave me an idea or two.

Talk soon :slightly_smiling:

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Awaiting for that… when we can expect?

Today or tomorrow :slightly_smiling:

Here are the blog posts. I was going to write just one, but it would be too long, and I also added an introduction post of the entire process, which resulted in 4 blog posts in total. Happy reading!

Envato Authors, Start Tracking Your AdWords Conversions!

How to Link your Google Analytics account to your Envato account

Track Conversions by Sending Users Directly to an Envato Marketplace Website – a Guide for Envato Authors

Track AdWords Conversions by Sending Users to Your Landing Page – a Guide for Envato Authors