Google Analytics for non-elite authors

As a growing author, it would be really nice to have better analytics, particularly as I begin to invest some time and effort into marketing. It’s hard to accurately track marketing efforts without more advanced analytics.

Even without google analytics, Envato’s analytics seems to be broken. It never loads for me. Sometimes I can get it to work on Edge, but nobody should have to resort to that!



You can, I use Google Analytics with a little trick:

1- Create a GA account if you don’t have any
2- Fill this form (It says ‘facebook’ but it works perfectly for Envato items) with your GA code, item link, title, etc and click the button "generate code"
3- Copy and paste the generated code in the description of the item you want to track.
4- Done ! (you have to repeat this for EACH item you want to track)

How it works? The form will generate an embedded code with calls a 1px transparent image associated with your item and GA account info so it will be registered on your GA account when someone go to that page.

Hope it helps


Very nice tip! Can someone confirm if we are allowed to do that?

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Im using it for many years… Don’t know why should be “illegal”

You can use DS Analytics with tracking pixel on your product pages

Hello. Please tell me where to watch statistics? In my Google analytics, the data is only displayed in the REAL-TIME> Overview section. But they are not available in other sections of the analytics. How do you work with this data?