New "Elite Author" / Analytic. Where? how?



Hi everyone!

I’m a new “elite author” and my question is, where is the analytics or if I have to use the google analytics, how can I do this?

I don’t need a tutorial, just a lead to carry on.

Thanks a lot!


First you have to create a Google Analytics account.

Then go to your Envato settings page. Under ‘Author Tools’ you should find ‘Google Analytics’.

Paste your GA tracking code there and save. Done. :slight_smile:

PS: You’ll obviously only see tracking data starting from the moment you save the tracking code. You can’t ‘look back’ so to speak…


yes, you need Google Analytics account :smiley:


Thanks a lot guys! I’m gonna try it right now!


Here is a simply and great tutorial if somebody have the same question.