Google Analytics conversion tracking is NOT here

Today i have received email from Envato about setup Google Analytics.
Cool! Go to the tutorial. :grin:

Step 2 from the tutorial:
Select ‘Google Analytics’ from the Author Tools menu on the left hand side.

I didn’t find this item. I have updated the cache and etc.

Maybe I don’t know something?

If I remember correctly, GA is for exclusive authors only.

Yes, I used to be for a while. There is no information in email about exclusive authors. There is no information about it in the tutorial too.
Why did you sent me this email? Dont know

From what I know GA is only available for Elite authors.

As far as I remember, about 2 years ago Google Analytics became available for everyone (not only for elite authors)


Hi @malbred,

Envato offering Google Analytics access to all exclusive authors, regardless of whether or not they are elite.
Envato sent email to all authors just to inform the features included in Google Analytics. So that they can enjoy the features.


Does GA start to count all sales?
Because for me it counts only 60-70% of all sales, that is why it absolutely useless for conversion tracking. Has this been changed somehow? Or Envato presented their own alternative for Campaign URL Builder?

What are the remaining 40-30%? If it’s not a secret :sunglasses:

GA doesn’t show the rest. For example I earn $1000, on GA I will see approx. $600. :man_shrugging:

It’s not an exclusivity issue (for others wondering). I’m non-exclusive and have the GA code.

:open_mouth: Give me more details

I’m really disappointed. You send me an email with a description of an interesting option allowing me to get very useful analytics, I spend my time trying to find how to set up this option and clarify why it does not work, and then I found out that this feature is not available to me
In my opinion correct way is here

As I mentioned, I’m non-exclusive and I have the GA option.

Before the Elite Program changed to cash-based you would need to reach a certain level of sales before getting Google Analytics (I can’t remember the exact level, sorry!).

Perhaps try a Support request to find out

EDIT: It was at $75,000

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Hi all, @malbred and others who have not yet got access to Google Analytics, I apologise for the oversite on this one and take responsibility for that.

To confirm; Google Analytics is available to all Exclusive authors and any authors who have reached the Elite level.

@ secondfalseiteration these new URL parameters are designed to over come that conversion issue.

Thank you all.