Platform Improvements & Google Analytics Access

As part of our ongoing effort to make our marketplaces great for customers and authors alike, we’re making some changes to how content is hosted on author-managed item and profile pages.

Currently some content elements of these pages are hosted by authors or 3rd parties and are retrieved directly by a customer’s browser. Moving forward, this approach will change with Envato fetching this content and delivering it to the customer’s browser. Please note, you will not need to do anything differently when this change occurs, the way you update your content will remain exactly the same.

Why are we doing this?

This work forms part of our GDPR compliance program, as well as general improvements to the platform in the areas of security and performance.

Security is very important to us, and this change will reduce the risk of malware being incorporated into item page content, thereby reducing the risk to customers.

We will be using a content delivery network to deliver this content to customers. The reduced reliance on 3rd party hosting providers used by authors is expected to increase general site performance. As an added benefit, it will also reduce the load on author’s hosting.

We do understand this may affect some authors’ ability to gain insights into their items and customer behaviour, as pixel tracking technology will be disrupted. In response we’re offering something pretty special!

Moving forward we will be offering Google Analytics access to all exclusive authors.

This used to be something only available to Elite Authors, so we’re excited to be able to offer this up to all exclusive authors. It’s also available right now!

For information on how to access your analytics, please refer to this help centre article.
The hosting changes will take place in two weeks time, so from Tuesday 14th May.

We’ll be around for the next seven days responding to your questions and comments in batches. Please remember our community guidelines as you post.


Thanks this is Awesome!
Waiting for Google Analytics on Elements.

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Thank you so much! It’s really useful! :+1:

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I am happy to have access to google analytic data.
but I’m sorry that envato lied to me.
I participated in an experiment for envato.
If my approval rate increased I would be given the google analytics right.
I have fulfilled all requirements. the experiment ended on January 21st. I’ve been waiting for google analytics since then. I e-mailed the support team many times. I was going to do an advertising campaign in the months when the most sales were made and I would increase sales. envato only fooled me. Now everyone has it.


Nice Information.
waiting for more new tools on google analytics.

Amazing! Thank You! :slight_smile:

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Google Analytics was so worth the wait! Well done! Thank you!

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Thank you! )

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Hi @dofx,

I’m sorry you feel this way. The experiment data, in part, helped us come to this decision so the other authors have people like you to thank!
From my personal perspective, I don’t feel that we lied to you, as you have still ended up with the same outcome as we promised as part of the experiment, and we didn’t go into the experiment with knowledge that this would be the outcome. A decision was made after the experiment to expand Google Analytics access to all exclusive authors. I apologise that it took a little longer than expected.


Hello, How to get Tracking Code ? What url tracking ? user profile url ?
i.e :

This url not accepting google analytics how ?

Hi @sprukosoft,

Could you try using the URL and letting me know if this works?

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Hi, Issue is how to get Tracking Code ? user Profile url ?

I find in “settings > Author Tools > Google Analytics”

Oh ok, did you read through the help centre article linked to in the post? It’s here:

If you read through this, and follow the links in the article, it explains what you need to do to get the tracking code.

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Great news! Thank you!

I’m not able yer to use Google Analytics. I just want to do one thing: Tracks the source of my sales so I can spend money on marketing, currently seem impossible. I’m not able to know if a sale is from a user that clicked my ad or not. INCREDIBLE.


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Thank you for such a gift! :+1: Also at the same time it would be nice to see on the usual analytics the number of downloaded previews (together with that).

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Hi, I updated Tracking ID But How to Check Working or not ?

Oh… Got it Thanks. I am checking in google analytics.

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I’ve been wanting this for quite some time now!


I just added the code and its working fine!