Google Analytics conversion tracking is here!

Hey guys. Did you manage to get the conversion tracking work?

Still not working for us.

Thanks for letting me know.

@Jimmy_J have you seen this Screen Capture on 2021-11-17 at 13-46-46.mp4 - Droplr ?

We’d love to try conversion tracking but it looks like it’s not actually working.

yeah you are right.

When you run ads with Google Ads, you may want to see whether clicks on your ad led a customer to you take a certain action, such as purchase on your website, calling your business, or downloading an app, Find the type of conversion you want to track on the left, then follow the link to the instructions on the right.

Will I get any free version, where I can get every CTA options

@Laborator I’ve just responded in our other thread, we will work with you to resolve this.

We’ve got other authors who are using this without issue, so we’re keen to help get this sorted for you.

@codesupplyco we did see that, there we’re a few things that would mean you can’t see the results straight away.

  1. The timezone they are browsing in is different to that which is set up in their GA property, so the dates will likely be different.
  2. In the free version of GA it takes about 2 hours for the data to appear, and is not real-time, this can make the instant tests a lot trickier to validate.

@codesupplyco we’re happy to help you get this working too, feel free to DM me with any issues and we can work through it.

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Thanks jimmy j

I have configure conversion tracking in google analytics and it’s really helpful.

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I hope you enjoyed the holiday season.

We’ll be setting up the conversion tracking in just a few days.

I’ll DM you in case of any issues. Thanks a lot for your help!

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