Google Ads Conversion

Hello everyone, I want a help from you.
You know, Google analytics is now available to everyone. I want to advertise on Google, but I am having trouble with the conversion code. I search the forum as “google ads conversion”. All the resources I have come across and all links are broken. I haven’t found the right source yet.

Do you use conversion code? Does anyone know the solution? Would you like to share this solution?

Thank you so much.

What do you mean by “conversion code”? Did you enable Google Analytics on your pages? You just have to enteir your analytics ID in the settings, no need to add any code.

As for tracking conversions I am also struggling with that, Envato doesn’t have a step-by-step guide to explain how you can track conversion rate on your items.

Thank you for your answer.
Yes i use google analytics and i have no problem.
I am learning google ads. (formerly “google adwords”). I have to track conversions for the ad campaign.
Do you have experience with google ads?

I didn’t manage to track conversions as I wanted, I wrote a longer rant about this here: State of the market from an author's point of view

Let me know if you find a straightforward way to track ad campaign ROI.