Good quality track rejected : ( Have you some advice?

Hello friends! :slight_smile: This is my first post here and I want to say hi to you and ofcourse ask a simple question about my rejection. The reason was simple - that, the track doesn’t meet the commercial standards of Envato.

Here is the track: Inspiring Cinematic Trailer << Soundcloud link

I used the good quality samples and vsts like 8dio, Native Instruments, Valhalla reeverb etc. The typical ones. The arrangement was also typical, like short intro, buildup, climax, outro. Mix and mastering I did best i could, only one experiment was that i didn’t compressed that much all, as we hear in top tracks, becouse everybody know, that more dynamic - more feelings. Next thing, that i left 1db in headroom with brickwall limiter.

So here is my question, what here was wrong, that doesn’t target well in commercial market? :slight_smile:

Thanks! <3

It’s a nice track but you should really push the volume up. Also I think buildup is way too long.

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Thank You Rinkevich for your answer. I didn’t think it will be a big problem :smiley: Thanks!