Good enough for AJ?


Appreciate any feedback.

So, I decided to submit it, got rejected.

Any feedback?


The first thing i hear is the piano notes sound too robotic, the strings sound are too much midi.
And i don´t feel this song as a corporate track.

Thank you.

I seem to be misunderstanding the corporate genre. I’ll go back to studying references for this style.
On that note, what genre would you say this track is?

Thanks for pointing about out the piano. Thought I’d done a good job humanizing it… Would you say the main problem is sample quality, or the MIDI programming (not “human” enough)?

Thank you.

I would say both. But it’s also slow, and it makes me feel sad rather than inspired or motivated. :slight_smile:

The term “corporate music” is bizarre, but it has come to mean music that is uplifting, inspirational and motivational (but in general still with a sound you can speak over). That means that as soon as you hear the first bar you should immediately feel “what a great day”.

What kind of music would you make if you didn’t think about selling? That style will most likely be what you are best at. Everyone tries corporate music (including myself), but very, very few are good at it. I’m not too good at it, because I don’t like the music.

That aside, you would be better off choosing better samples, improving the mixing (notice how popular tracks have a warm, full sound, while yours sounds thin), changing the chord progression and speeding it up a bit, make it more driving, inspirational and motivational. :slight_smile:

Or maybe some better advice: make music in other styles.

I see. Makes sense.

Yeah, about that, I have my compositions that I release under my alias, but it’s mostly stuff that’s not really commercial, so I’m trying to find a balance between that and stuff that might fit AJ. I’m also expanding to different genres.

I actually do like the sound corporate music, so I might study it more in-depth too, as I seem to have misunderstood what defines the genre.

That said, do you have an idea what genre this track I made would fit, if not corporate? Cause I have another track I’m working on with the same vibe, which I’m gonna work on improving so I can submit.

Thanks a lot!

In this music, it was necessary to use better samples.
The drum part is not quite suitable for this music. I would like to revive and accelerate a little.
Anyway, good luck!

IMHO (which is not worth much since I don’t make corporate music and I couldn’t publish yet on AJ)
both the samples (piano and strings) don’t sound excellent and they need to be worked differently. A few things I don’t love: the piano is not human, I guess you programmed it, for example at the very end it should be much more soft (lower velocity), the strings lack of dynamic (modulation and expression), the piano needs to sound more rich and deep, the arrangement of the piano is quite static at the begin (you might use some dot rather than always the same length, e.g. listen to Beyonce’s begin of Halo), drums are maybe a little too loud.
A couple of samples I’d suggest: the grandeur (piano), spitfire library (strings).
I’m not sure AJ accept slowing tempo (at the end), but I might be wrong.
Good luck! Federico

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

Yes, the piano is programmed. I did some humanization on it, but guess it wasn’t good enough.

Good suggestion of the intro to Beyonce’s Halo.

Thanks for the sample libraries suggestions as well!