gone 15 - 17eur from my balance, after I updated TAX information, on decemeber.

I wonder, if I am only one was theft by graphicriver? At first they calculated payment for December, so in my account balance left 0eur , and was pending payment…And after week I earned 15-17~eur, so in the statement section i saw that earnings, also I saw that I need update my TAX information, and after update, my money disappeared.

So I am wonder if it’s bug? Or graphic river (envato) are designatedly
stealing money from user who rarely visiting “graphicriver” website.

I also checked all invoices and statistics, there was no information about any sales…

Not sure I entirely follow your story but either way there is NO way that envato are “stealing” from anyone, and you need to talk to support Envato Authors Help and Support

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hi make sure that u have written everything in the forms that u provided the irs with , this maybe the reason for your problem indeed …

I am sure about , my tax information dose not changed from 2018 form. Also please pay attention, that tax submition should not affect the sales statistics, it could affect just the earnings numbers.

Have you checked for refunds and reversals?

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normally they are written in the statement and i assume that he checked this before asking here unless he is really not familiar with his account settings …

For sure I checked, there is nothing. Also I checked the “Dashboard” “Fun Fact” section, and it says that the last sale was 2months ago.

I am sure its something simple, but just to reiterate and avoid speculation, only support will be able to clarify what’s happened. Envato Authors Help and Support

I dont think that they help, but I will try:)