Account balance discrepancy


I’ve just sold my first item ever…yay!
It was a musical logo priced at 8$.
On my author dashboard it says I have earned 2.88$ which is exactly 36%.
But on my earnings page it says my balance is 1.09$.
What’s happening?
It’s not a big deal yet, anyway, but I hope it becomes soon, so I wanna know if I’m getting ripped off.
Is there some kind of hidden fee or something. This could be a deal breaker for me.
Please, if anyone knows anything, help…;D


US tax. You need to fill the W8 form (found in the settings tab–>tax info) to avoid being taxed on non-US sales.

Also, depending your country, if you provide a valid tax ID you may be exempted or get reduced % on your US sales.


Hey, thanks.
Didn’t realize this.
I’ve just filled it out.
I’m not a US citizen and have provided the tax number.
Will this work retroactively and is there some place where I can see my exact taxing information?


Won’t work retroactively unfortunately, but you may be able to redeem it by getting a tax credit from your tax administration. Envato will issue a tax paid recap at the end of the (fiscal?) year. Keep in mind that you’ll be exempted from tax on US sales only if your country does indeed have a tax treaty with the US.

Don’t know if you can access your tax info from your dashboard

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling: .


Too much hassle for 1.70$
Good thing I noticed this immediately.
I’m in Croatia which is a part of the EU. Does the EU have a tax treaty or is this different from country to country.
It just just feels terrible to get one eight of the sale.


It’s on a country to country basis. Not sure about Croatia, but other Balkan countries do not benefit from a tax treaty unfortunately.
I feel for you, getting such a ridiculous share is terrible indeed. For non-exclusive authors the current business model is totally unfair.


F*****g EU.
You would think at least something good would come out of it, but no benefit whatsoever from those muppets.
Thanks for your help.