Any ideas on this Tax thing ? I got 4$ out of ...

This Tax thing is ‘------’ us up big time!
I sold a track Music Broadcast License (1 Million) - the price in total was 18$
And all I got is 4.68 !!!
Is this a bug or the real thing from now on ?!
Any ideas anyone?
I have filled the W8 (but didn’t receive a confirmation from envato)
And what’s that US Backup Withholding Tax ?

this is real thing. New taxes because envato moved to usa. I am pretty sure authors will move to other places to sell their stuff

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This is so hurtful!
It feels like we’re slaves of some sort .


A quick question on all this fog.
I sold a track 18$ and I got 4.68
with this ‘left amount’ is my W8 applied or not?
I sent the damn filled pdf a month ago.

Hi, LostSoundStudio,

I can confirm that you do have a valid W8 form submitted. However your country does not have a treaty rate with US.

The purchase is made by a US buyer and Envato is required to withhold 30% of item price as royalty withholding tax.

For any purchases made by non-US buyers, your will still get your old earning amount.

Hope this could resolve your confusion.


yay, we do creative, they earn the rest :’(


So basically I filled W8 for nothing.
Furthermore, most of the sales are in US.
Witch means taking my guitar in streets would pay more!