Hi :slight_smile:

The track was sold for $24, half of which should have been credited to my balance. In the portfolio, opposite the track, it is written that I really received $12.5 for the track, but only $6.5 was added in the “Earnings” tab on the main profile page.

What could be the reason? Some new revenue sharing policy between Envato and the authors, or just a site bug?

I wrote to support and they have been silent for the fifth day, so I decided to ask here, suddenly someone faced a similar situation.

Most likely US tax. Have you filled the W8 form?


Hey weekwrite,

No, that’s not a bug. :slightly_smiling_face:

$24 - $4 fixed fee is $20. Now 50% of that is $10. Apply 30% US tax and you end up with $6.5


Yes, but from the penultimate sale I received exactly half of the amount, without deducting 30%, and the news that now this tax will be removed appeared a long time ago, so I would also have been removed from the previous sales of 30%, but for some reason it was not removed.

Where was your buyer from? The 30% are only applied to items sold to customers from the US.


Yes, that’s it, thank you, I just read an article about taxes and figured it out.
And indeed, the buyer was from the United States. Now everything fell into place.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile: