2.54$ for a 19$ item,really?

Title says it all,i really don’t understand how this works,i used to get 6.5$ for standard license.

I know that this applies only to US customers but im seriously considering taking down all of my items,i am not going to be humiliated like this :rage: I am not selling a freaking 2 second sound fx,it is a 3 minute track and i get 2.54$???

We are officially working for peanuts now :confused:


I totally understand. I actually do not understand the real deal behind Creating Envato Inc in US, just to withhold the whopping 30% tax or else :wink:

It is truly humiliating for authors

Did you fill out the proper tax form?

W8 yes,my country has no agreement with U.S. so all of my sales from U.S. will be taxed 30%.

What i don’t understand is,i made a sale to a customer from Germany and it was still “US Backup Withholding Tax”??
What is up with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

That shouldn’t happen unless you did not fill the W8. If it does indeed say that you have submitted the W8 form in the seeting–>tax tab in your dashboard, then you should contact support to see if there is a bug.

I did submit my W8 long time ago,i think the very same day they announced it,but when i go to tax settings there is nothing,like i have to submit that all over again.

I created a ticket i hope they will answer soon.

I wouldn’t wait for their answer to resubmit. My guess is with the US tax withholding coming into play, support will be swamped for weeks.

I just submited my W8 again.I hope that will fix the problem.
I am 100% certain that i submited my W8 back in November but it somehow got deleted or something.