I lost money from account!

Hi Guys,

Yesterday I saw my account balance is $499.50, but today I have noticed that my balance is $452, so where are the $47? I did not bought anything! Suggest me please.

Maybe it was sale reversal or refund?
If not,you better write to Envato Support

Check your statement page, that will show any negative adjustments.

Yes, looks like someone made reversal

Author issues the refund you better contact envato for that.

May be this might help you:
Me too had some funds missing and later found out that Envato is showing only your earning next to your username and other funds that you deposited are seen under Current Credit. May be confirm yourself with the amount you have in earning and the missing amount should be in Credit Section which you will see in the dropdown that appears when you mouse hover over the username.

No adjustment shows, but it shows me CREDIT $47. But i never see this kind of function before here. And also if i got any dispute or refund then i should have got an email but i not got anything. Some confused situation. But what do i do with credit??

Yes its confusing and just yesterday I saw this in my account. In my case $12 is in credit which was the amount that I deposited using paypal. May be Envato has started separating the income we make from selling our items and funds that we deposit.

But if you click on Add Credit it will show your total balance on the right hand side including the missing amount :slight_smile:

Yes @Bickyg is right envato now show just earning money not your deposited credit, but when you want to buy something you will have and see your credit too.

I guess it’s a good idea, makes it a lot clearer what you can withdraw and what you can’t. An announcement might have been a nice idea, to avoid confusion!

May be its still under testing phase :slight_smile:

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Hi Mates,

Listen me i am exclusive author at envato, those $507 were my earning from 34 sales then why TF adjust them as credit from my main balance? I have asked some of my author friend but no one got this issue, i am very confused :frowning: