Did Envato botch the payment method?

I noticed that in my earnings report for audio jungle, it listed that I made less than half as much as was previously listed in my account just a few days prior and I also have not received an email notification of a payout as I normally do since I was over $50. Has this happened to anyone else?

To be clear, this is did not arise out of a discrepancy in the earnings rate vs revenue, this was all net profit.

Was there a refund for the purchased item?
If not, write to the support service.

I think you had reversals, basically this ar ilegal or disputed purchases, I had last month about 600$ worth in sales with reversal.

What I can tell you is that Envato never steals money from contributors! They are playing a fair game.

That’s for sure. It never happened.

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That’s what I used to think too, then this whole thing happened. I don’t see any reversals or refunds listed.


Get in touch with Envato author support team they would like to assist you.

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