Now showing correct account balance. 100$ deducted, why?

Hello guys,

I have a problem with my account balance, yesterday my sales was 644, account balance: $673,

I woke up today, i saw my sales are 642 and balance was 590, There is something wrong please help me if there is anything wrong. Thanks


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Check your statements to see whether there are refunds or sale reversals, that might explain it.


Hi thanks a lot. I have checked in my statement it saying "A sale reversal is the result of a cancelled or disputed payment, enforced by the payment gateway or bank. The unique purchase code for this transaction is: ".

Did the issue is at client side? or envato side?

Thanks once again

It means the payment was canceled. It could be because the buyer didn’t know the proper process for asking for a refund. Or, it could be that the item was bought with a stolen card or hacked PayPal account. In either case, this is considered a fraudulent activity, and Envato locks the buyer’s account.

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Thanks you very much for the quick response and explanation.