give me opinion why this got rejected

any tips on why this rejected very welcome thanks.

What is this supposed to be? Horror? Poor quality.

Hi! I’m sorry to say that but the overall quality is not good at all. I suggest to you to spend more time on learning some stuff, composition, theory and also learn how to organize your track. Use better sound etc. I’m not saying you need to spend 150000000$ on stuff, but you need to understand more the music composition “thing” before !

Watch some videos on theory and composition etc

Don’t be discouraged, just work, things come with time and hard work, stock music is not an easy place right now and despite the “ear candy standardisation” it’s need to have a certain quality, flavor, and many of authors here are most of the time professional or are working since years on their skills to be able to be approved etc.

Good luck


Your production skills are too low at this time. You’ll need to practice more, understand music theory and composition basics. Try to listen to other people tracks and work with it as a reference.

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thanks very useful, a question i have is upgrading from stock plugins vst in sonar cakewalk to some vst like octane be useful? i got octane and i think it gives sound more similar to what in other songs, like do little eq and compression and there you go but stock plugins you have to do more work in mixing to get them as loud i think… is that right?