Track rejected, could use any help/feedback

Hi there, i’m newbie, recently decided to put on sale one of my tracks in synthwave style (cinematic / sci-fi category), but was refused, the reason is “does not meet quality standards.” I ask experienced authors to comment and point out the shortcomings that I should keep in mind. Would be very grateful:)

I´m in the street with the mobile, so i can´t be really accurate but i hear some things;

  • I would change the intro.
  • I would delete that voice.
  • The track is too long.
  • I think this fit better in electronic, not cinematic.

Hi !

There is some good idea as a huge synthwave and Chillwave fan /composer !

I think the main reason is the mix, it’s miss a lot of space and air between the instrument (maybe too much compression too), I think the main guilty is the bass which is a too high ! If you listen your track at really low volume you can easily see that the bass is really in front of everything !

I Thinks the track is a little bit too long too, it’s reduce is commercial viability! It’s more an artistic stuff that "Stock music stuff’ .

So nothing to say about the composition work. which is great to my me, very subtle I like it !

I advice you to work on the mix in itself and find a better structure for stock music market :slight_smile: Something more clear and basic could help. Like short intro, verse A, Verse A’, Break, Verse B, B’ - end !

The voice reduce the commercial viability too, if someone want to put a voice on your track for his video project etc

I hope this help !

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you much, it was very useful!

Thank you very much for such a detailed and informative answer, a lot of useful information!

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You’re welcome ! Don’t hesitate to send us an improved version if you want ! But if you want to compose new synthwave stuff with more stock music color, don’t hesitate too :slight_smile: