Give a Track For Free For a Video

Hi all,
I have made a video for a costumer and I’ve used one of my track I’m selling on Audiojungle.
After some days the costumer received a message of “Ads may appear on your video due to the presence of this song. Removing this song may remove ads from your video, and may allow you to monetise the video if eligible”.
The problem is that he can’t find any “copyright claims” in his Youtube channel and choose “I have a license or written permission from the proper…”.
Then, I have this track also on Adrev and I’ve found that they have a way to submit a Youtube link with our track and ask for “Unclaim this video”.

Is anyone experienced with this kind of issue?

As far as you know, are we allowed to use tracks we sell on Audiojungle also on other projects we join (outside Audiojungle)?

Thank you for any help

The music is yours, so of course you can use on project you’re working on. What you can’t do, if you’re an exclusive author, is to sell the said track on other platforms.

Now, as for the copyright claims, if you’ve registered your music with AdRev, this is what is supposed to happen, so I don’t understand why you see this as an issue. The correct process for lifting a claim is to go to the AdRev contact page directly, not do it through Youtube. When you register your music with AdRev it’s important you understand the process so that you be able to help your customers right away.

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Well, actually it’s not an issue, it’s just a “clarification” that the track that Youtube found it’s mine, but of course they don’t know.

Actually I don’t know if this was an “alert” from Youtube or from the fact that I have it on Adrev, that’s why my first idea was to choose from the “copyright claims” in his Youtube channel and choose “I have a license or written permission from the proper…”.

Now, I think that yours it’s a good idea, but beyond contact them directly, I’ve found this option from Adrev:

Do you think that this is what I was looking for?

Youtube would have no reason to flag your music on their own. They do it because your music was submitted to ContentID via AdRev.

The page pictured in your screenshot is indeed the right one for you (the author) to lift the claim when you need or want to do so.

However, the idea is to let your customers lift claims on their own. For this, you want to direct them to this page: Easiest way to do it is to include a pdf (or any text file) with this link, in your main zip.

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Thank you very much Purple, you really help me :wink:

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