Claim over free track of the month


3 or 4 years ago I downloaded the free song of the month, as I do every month. This one.

I believe back then free tracks did not come with their license by default, as they do now. If they did, I didn’t keep a copy of it.

Last year I used the music in one of my videos. This one:

Yesterday I received a copyright claim by AdRev. Any ideas on how to show AdRev that my use is legit?


Try to send an email to the author, there is no reference about Adrev in the track page.
Or try to contact to Adrev or youtube directly, because maybe someone else registered the track. I can´t help more in this case.
But if you want to use the track in another different project, you should buy a new license for it.



I have tried reaching the author, but he does not respond. I did not want to contact YouTube or AdRev without the license file, but since I’m making no progress, I just emailed AdRev… we’ll see how that goes.

I do need a license to use the track in a different project. But I don’t if I just use it in this one.

Nobody replies. So I just purchased the track, sent the new license file to AdRev and gave the track a 1 star rating for poor support.


Sorry for your bad experience. The guys at AdRev are usually very quick to reply. Did they not answer your email, or did they tell you they needed the license file to help you?

You should be able to see and download the license in the Download section of your dashboard. It could be different for Free File of the Month, though. In which case, you should contact Envato support.

Although, now that I’ve looked at the AdRev claim, it looks like there could be something shady going on. The Audiojungle author is from Romania and the claimant is a recording studio in the US. This would also explain why the track is not noted as being registered with AdRev on the Audiojungle’s item page.

@JumaStudios, you should definitively look into this, as it seems someone is registering your music for themselves.

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Yes, it is different for Free File of the Month. Will try contacting Envato support next. AdRev never replied. Probably will now that I have a new license file. We’ll see.

Well, AdRev finally replied and released the claim after I sent the new license file.

Not happy that I had to pay in order to use a free item.

Well, i don´t know exactly what do you want to do with the track, but if you want to use it in another different project, you should take another license.

I don’t want to use it in another project, as stated in my first post and as I already told you when you said the same thing.

Yes, that’s not cool. Although, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have had to buy a license had you contacted Envato support. Maybe if you contact them now and tell them your story, they could do something for you?

On a side note, weird that AdRev would release a claim based on a license that has a different title and different author. The ContentID system sure works in mysterious ways.


Well, Envato support never replied either

They always reply, write them once again and write that you are waiting long enough. I think they are somehow prioritizing inquiries, so let them know you are in hurry.

If this doesn’t work, let us know.