Getting Copyright Claims multiple times for Purchased Audio

I have purchased an audio from audiojungle and uploaded it to my newly made travel hyper-lapse video on youtube. But it is getting copyright claim 2 times. 1st one was released after contacting the claimer via email after showing proper license document. The claimer was “[Merlin] Phonofile”. But just after the day I got another claim from “Proton LLC on behalf of Worka Tune”, I made dispute again for this. Trying to contact Proton LLC but no luck, I haven’t found and contact them. I emailed to Worka Tune, but no response till now.

Can Envato help me anyway to rid of this?



You received another copyright claim from another author for the same music?

If there are more than one claimant for the same copyrighted material, then there is something wrong, and someone is usurping their claim.

You want to contact the author who you bought the track from and let them know the situation so that they can deal with this.

On the second claim you received, can you see what ContentID manager third party company is making the claim?