I keep getting copyright claimed for music I purchased licenses for on AudioJungle

How do I stop this from happening? I know I have rights to use the music with the license I recently purchased. But everytime I upload a new video, that video and all previous videos get copyright claimed. I dispute them all and it gets resolved. But its a repeated process every time.

Authors usually register their works to prevent some copyright infrigments.
Some of them had problems about it, because someone else registered their tracks without permission, so the buyer even couldn´t claim about it to the real author.
This is a way to prevent fraudulent moves, to cover the author and the customer.

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It’s a normal process. Most music is registered with ContentId, it’s the industry standard. The license you buy from Audiojungle is the key to clear the claim.

However, previously cleared videos should not get claimed again every time you upload a new vid. This is an abnormal behavior that you may want the claimant’s support to have a look into.

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I dont mind dealing with new claims but the retroactive claims on videos I already cleared is frustrating. Maybe it was a mistake. Ill see if it happens again.

Yep, it is strange and usually doesn’t happen. Let us know if it happens again so we can find a solution