FTP Unable to connect

I am getting below issue while uploading to FTP. Please someone help me out. I’m in deep trouble.

USER XatoWeb
Response: 421-Sorry, cleartext sessions and weak ciphers are not accepted on this server.
Response: 421 Please reconnect using TLS security mechanisms.
Error: Could not connect to server

I have follow all the steps and using these parameter
host: ftp.marketplace.envato.com
username: XatoWeb
password: api key i have generated
Here is the image

Kindly help :slight_smile:

Envato use TLS encryption with FTP to protect your passwords and the passwords of your fellow authors. This can cause upload issues with some Internet Service Providers that actively block encrypted connections.

You will need to confirm the following settings:

Protocol : FTP - SSL

Host : ftp.marketplace.envato.com

Encryption : Use explicit FTP over TLS

Logon Type : Ask for password

User: <your Envato username here> (this is case-sensitive)
Password: <you will be prompted for the API key>

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