FTP Issue

Hi everyone, I’m facing issue in FTP Connection with Envato, All settings are right, when i connect i face this error message.

Error: GnuTLS error -110: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.
Status: Server did not properly shut down TLS connection
Error: The data connection could not be established: ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted

Please help me how i can fix this issue,

please read carefully troubleshooting guide (if you haven’t already) and work through that to see if it helps.

@mgscoder i try it many many time but same issue happened, please check the screen shot http://prntscr.com/r4gulg

I also close skype, kaspersky anti virus, you can guide me how i can find issue in my ftp and fix it

Please make sure:

Host: ftp.marketplace.envato.com
Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS if available
Logon Type: Ask for password
User: <your Envato username here> (this is case-sensitive)
Password: <you will be prompted for the API key>


I’m trying to Upload our Unity3d Game Project size is 2.44GB from last 15 days, but unable to connect with server, every-time this error come

please suggest me any alternative way to connect with Envato Server to upload my Unity Project,

you are trying with quick connect, try with the following:
File => Site Manager
and set a new one with:
Encryption: Use explicit FTP over TLS if available

Hi @Bano_Studio

Please make sure you are using latest version ftp software. Also be noted:
envato only support TLSv1.0 and above for encryption

Please note: envato use and test FTP service with FileZilla. This is a free FTP client and we recommend updating to the latest version

more info you will get in my first reply ‘troubleshooting guide’