Form builder for a furniture shop (repeatable items with X paramteres)

Im looking for a plugin with a specific function:
- User can add multiple rows (“items”) that have n-number of parameters (text, number mostly).

So basically imagine a table in excel that has columns with different parameters. I need a plugin that will enable the user to add a new row, and fill the inputs with specific column parameters.
Optionally: add a cost calculator for ex: if he picks “yes” in a row, the cost for that item will grow by “X” and will add up to all of the other rows.

None of the forum plugins that I’ve looked at so far has this, most have just basic inputs and maybe steps, but not repeatable rows with predefined parameters/columns.

Furniture example: User can order a 2700x2080mm board to be cut by parameters:

  • Item nr
  • Board type
  • Width of cut
  • Height of cut
  • Nr of veneers on width
  • Nr of veneers on height
  • Quantity
  • Additional notes


Hi esseti !

I have looked into your plugin development request and yes i can deliver excellent results at your project. It will be 100% as per your expectations and requirements.

I will create an exclusive custom form builder for your furniture shop.

> Please discuss via email so that we both have a mutual understanding and after that i will proceed next with your project