Customize E&P Form Builder

I have been looking into the plugin for E&P Form Builder, and needed to adjust it to change its default behavior. Currently it will allow a quote for a single selected product as expected and send an email ad the final estimate. I was hoping to see the calls made by the plugin and look for hooks or adjustments I could make to implement a project based method that would allow for multiple estimates to be held and submitted as a larger project (similar to a shopping cart) where you could add multiple products into an estimate and consolidate them all when the form is completed.

I could not see any loaded pages within the web browser debug / dev mode which made me believe that this is all likely server side using HTML 5 or another server side method. As I can not view/debug the process I need to resort to asking about customization. Is there any way to hook into the system to adjust the process as such?

I also have other desires like dynamically database driven options such as width and height based on product selection or dynamic calculations based on previous selections that populate the future steps on the form with scripted values based on selections.

Any assistance would be appreciated as I am currently researching how to allow for these needs.