Still Looking for Javascript Plugin for Wordpress


I need a javascript plugin for Apparel website in Wordpress/WooCommerce:

General information for the website:
This is for an Apparel Front End Website

Kind of development:
New website from scratch

Num. of forms: 5-8 (However this can be shortened based on page layout)

Description of every page/module:
I need 5-8 Custom Front-End Forms to Go On The Front End of a Website. We already have backend Database and Logic. The website is using a Wordpress Theme Currently.

These are your tasks:

  1. Customize the forms for Suit Builder (3 Forms), Shirt Builder (3 Forms), Shoes Builder (3 Forms)

  2. Create a form to enable Customers to select the styles they need to build and construct a Suit, Shirt or Shoes. I have all the images separately and/or in an Excel file. They just need to be arranged appropriately. You may also have to create drill-down lists and radio buttons for fixed options. (I have all the images ready)

  3. Create a form to include ALL associated Images for Customers to Select specific fabric. Customers will need to see fabric options within a separate window on the Style sheets. Based on their selection, this will affect the price of the garment or shoes. (I have all the necessary options)

  4. Create a form to enable Customers to either select Fixed Measurements or Custom Measurements.

  5. Create a Subscription Form page before Measurements are Entered. (I have the layout for this page)

  6. Create a confirmation page for customers to Agree or Cancel the order. If they agree, they will navigated to the Pay Pal or other Payment page and the Order will be processed accordingly.

  7. Finally, you will have to align the Front-End to the backend database and Customer and Administrator Dashboard tables.

I need to complete this before month end and have a limited budget below $400 if someone is interested. My Skype is bedellinternational or glonetextechnologies.