Looking for a plug-in to send a group of user defined data

Hi everyone,

I’ll try to be specific as I can cause this is a precises item.

I need to create a page on our website that has a list of products, but they are not for sale. The user can look through the list of products and if they want more information they can add the product to a list (shopping cart.) Once they have found all the products they want information for, instead of there being a “Checkout Now” button, there would just be a “Submit” button. When they click it, the products the selected along with basic contact information should be sent to someone on our team, so they can review what they selected and then contact them.

Style wise,

Id like to have the ability to create the left hand side bar and when a new category is selected the products will changed based on it. The more control I could have over this plug-in would be ideal. I would be integrating this into “The7” theme as well.

I know this is highly specific but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Puh. I don’t get anything in my mind for any plugin like this. But, I could create it unique for you. If you contact me over my profile we can get in touch.

Anyways furthermore, wish you the best to find the right plugin. We should get a live preview somehow of the data thats displayed to get in touch with your requirements.

Cheers, eliteCode :blush:

I am unable to find such plugins that can fulfill your above requirements.