Looking for specific plugin


I would like to ask for your help in finding a specific plugin for my Woocommerce store, lets see if i can explain:

I need to have variable products with conditional logic and the ability of displaying several images per each variation choice (not as variation buttons, i mean the images on the left side displaying the product), i know there are Form plugins that do all this, except displaying several images, the ones i had the ability to swap the image, only did it to one and i need multiple.

Right now im using Woocommerce variations with 2 plugins, one that allows you to upload multiple photos per variation, and other that creates a condition logic for an attribute, but this is a small plugin and only does ONE atribute, its called “Simple Linked Variations for WooCommerce”.

The plugin needs to be on the native variations, because with Form i cannot change the photos individually (or maybe i can by doing one form per product…) and that is a must. Just to give you an idea of the shop, all the variations will be the exact same type and price, BUT the images will change, its a canvas art store. :slight_smile:

Hopefully one of you guys can help me out finding this specific plugin (if there is…)
Thank you so much :slight_smile: