Flyer Rejected continuously 3rd day

my 3 flyer has been rejected continuously. i don’t know what happening. i have been here since 2013. anyone please help?



hi what did u modify ever since i commented your rejections , pls?

You’ve already got some good feedback in your previous thread. I am more developer than designer but even I see that this is certainly not up to current standards.
Not even sure why you are trying to play i have been here since 2013 card. What that has to do with anything? I am sure this flyer would be approved and probably sell well back in 2013, but we are in 2020 now. Adapt or become irrelevant.

While these do look like the other thread, and I am no designer, the first thing that caught my attention was that there seem to be “forced elements” in all of them like the services on the left of the last design, which don’t feel like they belong there

i modified the alignment of text and images. is there any pdf available to learn more… rules and regulation of graphicriver?

could you please explaing what are the changes in 2020. is there any pdf available in graphicriver how to keep quality standard in design. i don’t argue with anybody regarding my experience since 2013. i just told i started my journey in graphicriver since 2013. bu last i uploaded in August 2018. till 2018 i did not face this reason regarding quality standard. few design rejected that time. i remember. afterwards i did not get any updates regarding quality standard and mode of design.

Thanks everyone for your comments

It seems you don’t read the answers that other authors write to you:

There are no guidelines (every design should be unique and as a premium marketplace it’s impossible to teach basic design principals esp. when subjectivity is unavoidable) - it’s about:

  • best practice basics
  • originality
  • premium design/features

I haven’t stopped my carrier for 1 year. I work as a freelance designer in Qatar. I have 16 years of experience in this field. I have been working as a finalizer at Memak Ogilvy Qatar. I know the rules of design. When I did it in a professional way, I didn’t get any approval for my designs.

The same, man. The same. Other authors have already written what are the mistakes of your flyers

hi buddy , i recommend u to see this , i guess this should be sort of sacred “book” for designers … if u interpret it properly there are a lot of things resulting from it …

Thank a lot n2n44

u are welcome :slight_smile: