Flyer has been rejected

Dear Author
Please tell me details which section need to improve so that I can approve my flyer.

hi basically , sorry to say just this but there is everything to redo lol i guess that this is faster like this lol sorry for the joke nothing personal ok but i just want u to realize that u are very far from current standards to say the least , this is better to tell u “the ugly truth”. At the moment, there is significant improvement to bring to the table …
1- typo
this is very important here … what u have is very basic and flat and not even being paired well , so this basically means that u have to sort of restart from scratch … bring some variations, font combos and touches of originality to the table … in an attempt to generate relief ultimately
2- colors
pls think about complementary colors , theme code colors and associated values or shades of the same colors … what u have here is offering no contrast …
3- contrast
this is a basic design principle and u are violating it, which is a very bad idea since u get into deeper trouble in a snowball effect , pls see the following points …
4- readability
texts are far from being super readable to say the least and what is the point to put texts if they cannot be read?
5- hierarchy of information
still related to contrast somehow, u have some a lot of secondary and more contrasted texts popping out much much more and being more readable than big titles … big problem in other words …
6- punch
texts that require more attention and impact are not given any due to the concerned problems of contrast and other that prevent texts from being underlined as expected …
7- breaTHING
there is not enough of it , header and footer are too close from associated margins and the logo is not given a place to shine to speak, these information are “choking”
8- finition
pls put a shadow under the girl so that this looks more realistic and pls make sure that the transition looks more professional , at the moment the thing looks “grunge style” which is not at all in keeping with a corporate item
9- icons,
they are too basic , not valued enough , they bring nothing to the table graphic design wise …
10 - alignment
blocks hav to be aligned properly , this is a template in the first place and a corporate one in addition, so the bottom line is that u are expected to arrange everything perfectly and that the item look super professional all the way …