flyer rejected

why my flyer rejected

hi no wander why the flyer has been rejected … there is plenty of things to fix, change, modify and so on so that the item gets really much more interesting … at this stage , there are more negative things than positive ones if u ask me. Sorry to say just this but i’ better tell u “the ugly truth” right from the beginning … the fact of the matter is that there is close to no work at all as far as the background is concerned and this is impacting the feeling generated by the item. Bringing more work in terms of background would make the whole item look more worked out, complex and interesting to buy rather than simply redoing it … Look, right now, when u take out the picture that must not be included , what u have left is plain color shapes, block of text and 2 sets of icons , including one very basic indeed which turn out to look like photoshop presets … I would recommend that u spend some time to create a decent professional looking “fake logo”, i identify that this is meant to be replaced but this is used in the preview and introducing something better visually would help to bring your game to the next level, so to speak … U also have quite an issue with colors, text colors being most of the time “trouble making” as the white one is not offering contrast enough so that this is hardly readable and the black one, is poor looking visually speaking. As summarily evoked previousle, the icons are pretty unequal and the black part is too simple, not looking good enough and basically enough not being emphasized either so that u may wander if this is with the drive having them in the end … The organization of lower part blocks of texts is definitely too messy and texts look way too flatso that nothing is outstanding , all is “drown” in the process