My flyer is hard rejected. Please help.

Please help me to improve myself. This is 9 times my item has been hard rejected. Still not giving up…
Please help and review. Thanks :wink:

Hi Mate, there is in my opinion too much going on.
What I would do:

  • A more simple Background at the top part.
  • Reduce the opacity of your dark edges frame.
  • Remove 1 or 2 elements of the centered design.
  • Change the main typography. The embossed main Title is not nice, outdated. Make it flatter.
  • The drop shadow of your main title’s base is quite amateur. You must do something about it.
  • The logo part is too much. Take it away or change it. Also, writing “your logo” is outdated as well. Create a fake one or write something else like a haircut price for example.
  • Use a bolder font for the small text.

That’s it for me. Hope I helped! Happy designing!

Thanks @lou606 for your suggestion… I will improve it and go through all the details… Thanks mate… :wink:

The black stroke in the text, the hair in the floor & the black shadow around the flyer ! in my opinion you must Think again about these

I would suggest going a little more simplistic. try a solid color background with some texture. Tighten up your elements a bit and clean up the test. the best thing you can do is look at files currently on the marketplace and compare.