FLEX template for Joomla


I’m reaching out to Envato and/or Themeforest staff, in order to understand what’s going on with the author of the FLEX template. Myself and many other FLEX license holders would like to know some answers to questions.

Is this template still supported?

Why has the author not responded to comments or DMs?

What are the plans for this template?

I’m hoping you can reach the author and provide some answers for us.

much thanks,

The item page says that it is no longer supported by the author and has not been updated since 2022 so I think it is fair to say that this is not likely to see further changes.

Hi Charlie,

2 months ago the author said:

New major update is coming this week, with Joomla 5, Bootstrap 5.3, SP Page Builder 5.2.3 (latest), Font Awesome 6.5.1, and many, many other updates. You will surely receive notification, once it is released (uploaded on ThemeForest).

It took months of testing and upgrading, but now it is coming to an end. This is (again) a major update.

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Aplikko team

The item page also says…

Support tab: “Aplikko supports this item”

Overview: Support 1 month left

“Aplikko will no longer offer support for this item once your support has expired.”

Can you or somebody reach out to the author? Thousands of people have bought licenses for this template. Envato is still selling licenses, and looks like people are still buying them.


Where do you see that?

This is not to say that the author will not make the update and start support again but usually when you see this it is not a great sign.

Unfortunately no one (envato included) can force the author to take action or provide an update etc. There’s probably no real difference between envato messaging them or a buyer messaging them through their profile

This is because I have a license and I’m logged in.


Are you part of the staff of Envato/Themeforest? If not, can you bring this to their attention? Or is there some other way to contact them?


We’re just volunteers - you can submit a ticket to Envato Market Help and Support but there’s no guarantee that they will be able to get more info unfortunately.

OK, thanks for the link. I was there before but didn’t see how to work the ticket submission – now I do see it.

Sure, there’s no guarantee, but they probably have more information about the author than we do, such as his full name and possibly other contact information. They also need to explain why the template is still shown as supported for license holders, yet the author is not responding. Also, they are still selling the licenses.

It is strange that the author is not responding, and it makes me concerned for him that he may be sick or something. I hope he is alright. We all just want to know what’s going on.


Envato Help replied and provided no help whatsoever. They suggested asking for a refund, and someone else tried that only to find “Specified purchase is not refundable.”

Envato Help: “Despite our best efforts, we regret to inform you that contacting the author directly or confirming the status of the template project is beyond our current capabilities.”

Yet they have no problem continuing to sell the author’s template for full price, and when I log in, the website still says “Aplikko supports this item”.

Somehow Envato has no problem setting up the sale of a template, and engaging in lots of communication with authors to make that happen, but then when things go wrong, they claim it’s beyond their capabilities. I call BS.

Big lesson from all this: Only buy a template directly from a well-known template development house with a solid track record. As with everything, independent creators can provide attractive innovation, but sometimes there’s a downside to dealing with them.