Flex template support Aplikko no more?

I had purchased Flex support and now see that * When not log in I see that Not included:Aplikko does not support this item. Have been unable to get a response for quite a while. I was frustrated as the transition to joomla 4 did not go well and site crash looking may have been my fault, and it was a blessing as I have been able to recover and improve it. I pray the author is ok, but if not I need to chart a course as site contains hundreds of images. Any one know what has happened?

There was another thread somewhere people are complaining about the support is not available for their items. Your options are:

  • Keep the theme as the stable version without updating the PHP or the theme
  • Find freelancer to get the theme/site updated ( I’m available if you’re interested in )
  • Find another theme.

The bad thing is I paid for the support and own three copies.

Even if the item is not supported, you’d be paying the same amount of the money ( if it’s not extended support )

It was extended support been doing it for a while.

You may request refund

I paid for extended support for six month extended support and when I ran into problem in August never got a response. My brother was refunded for the template Even shows I have a month left on it.

Contact support


You can google aplikko and try to contact them from their website

Thank you did do that been busy getting my site back up and keeping backup constantly. If I can get my business up and running may go back to a one page html file down the road.

As stated: