What happened to FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template...?

What happened to FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template…? Why it is not available…?
Best Joomla template with 6000 sales
Hope it comes back soon…


Apart from that the author was selling the items elsewhere ( when he’s exclusive at the marketplace ), he was unable to provide the support/update for the items and most of the buyers were complaining about it. These are the possible reasons why the items are disabled.


It looks item not available, you can contact to envato staff and open ticket.

Aplikko's profile on ThemeForest @aplikko


Not the item only, the whole portfolio.

They made 1 item.

They have/had few items on their profile

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What about support now? if author not support then envato will support? They charge fixed buyer fee on every sale.

Authors can disable “support” option but if they keep it enabled, then they have to provide the support.
Envato won’t support the item. If anyone asks, probably they will offer refund.

It’s not an additional charge as it seems. If the author disables the “support” option, they will be getting paid the same amount. It’s more for marketing and it’s been discussed since Envato changed their policy with support. ( If support is available, buyers could get “additional” support for extra, that’s the only advantage )

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Appliko please come back! To my mind best joomla template out there. It be sad if this template “will die”

p.s. as mentioned there if support questions are too heavy you can disable them and just update time to time joomla and extensions
had this template un couple of projects planned to by new one

Jump in here if you’d like to see some answers from the author of FLEX…