Author "Aplikko" is not responding to customers for 3 month - something happend?

In march '23 I bought a “Flex” Template Licence for 79 bucks. Appliko in earlier times responses in some days. But actually he does not respond to support questions for 3 month now and has not updated template since 6 months. Does anybody know whats with Aplikko? I am worried. Does Evanto know something about the author Aplikko?

I have bought support for 6 Month in March and wrote with my Purchase ID to aplikko several times, no answer. As you see in “comments” on Discussion on FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template | ThemeForest
there you see last reaction is about two month ago… hmmm??

yes, right!
Also the item is marked as supported but I can’t understand why the Author is silent in the comments and support. Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to check it with the Author.


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I just opened a ticket on help desk, thank you!


Did you have an answer from Envato support. I have the same problem. Bought the Flex template and support in July and I’m waiting for a new Flex version to migrate sites to Joomla 4.
Thanks for your answer

Contact Envato support and request some details/information. If the author is not responding to anyone over three months, the account should be disabled if the support is being provided after the purchase.

Hello, the theme (burger menu) is no longer compatible with Android phones / mobile devices. Does anyone know how to fix this? I see there is no more support or updates to this theme…!

Is Themeforest able to monitor this? If there is no more support or updates it is really difficult to keep this theme working. Hard to say because it is such a great theme. Thank you in advance of a solution.

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  • Not included:Aplikko does not support this item

As the item is not supported by the author, only thing can be offered is a freelance job/work - in case of interest, I’m available .

You can take refund and buy another joomla template