First video online! And I have a couple of questions...

Hi there,
I have a couple of questions regarding the preview image / tag / txt format.
Thanks a lot in advance for reading the jpg attached and for your help.

  1. You should upload only needful size of the Preview-Image
  2. Use the Envatitor site for build your description with the HTML codes
  3. I am seeing your item in the «logo sting» section
  4. You can add it to your video. Or add the image with this text to the description
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Thanks Romlam!

  1. Sorry, that’s a typo in my jpeg, my original uploaded preview image is at 590x300, but it still cropped.
  2. Thanks
  3. Weird, I’ll check again
  4. “You can add it to your video”, can I do that after my video as been approved and already online?

Thanks a lot!

  1. It’s old size. It will be better if you use 590x332. A fortiori
    this size is proportional to the size of the video
  2. You can upgrade your item and send it again for a reviewer

It’s always best to keep the preview video clear of any unnecessary information. Instead, add “rate my item” to the preview image and/or item description.

Thank you guys!

Another noob question here:
I don’t really understand how fees work…

My animation is sold for 16$
In the attachement below I understand the 3.75 author fee, but why is my sell price / invoice only 10$ and not 16$??


Changes in the pricing policy took effect a couple of days ago.
Envato took 6$

$10 is the item price. The author’s fee is subtracted from that. The list price (the amount the buyer pays that is displayed on the item page)… is the item price plus the buyers fee. In your case, the buyer’s fee on the item is $6.

The pricing policy did change this week, but the whole author fee, buyer fee, item price and list price vibe… has been around for quite some time.

Thanks guys, I understand this better.

Do you guys think that the new Author-Driven Pricing means that it would be better to rise up our price a bit generally or only for very complicated files?

Pricing discussions aren’t allowed in the forums unfortunately. Has to do with competition laws. It’s up to you!

Alright thank you!

One last (hopefully) basic question:
I am from Switzerland and I have filled and sent my W8 form but I am not sure that everything was correct.
Should I receive a confirmation from Envato?
Thanks again

Sorry, found it in my account settings!